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The beginnings of Lucznik SA metal fabrication reach back to 1925. Up until 1948, this division a wide variety of products ranging from weapons to bikes, including grinders, mills, door locks, typewriters as well as a wide variety of tools.


It was also in 1948 that Lucznik SA began producing sewing machines. This began with industrial machines that fit the needs of the clothing industry.


In 1954 the line extended to home-use models. The arrival of new synthetic materials brought with it the introduction of new and innovative products that allowed for the expansion of possibilities in home sewing. New technologies introduced in the first models of Lucznik sewing machines, revolutionized the world of sewing, giving users the freedom of choice and convenience.


In 1958, as the suppliers of Lucznik sewing machine motors led to the creation and expansion of ASPA in Wroclaw.


The 70s marked a time of investment for Lucznik to increase and upgrade its technologies and production capabilities. During this time, a modern production plant was established and a production collaboration was established with the global brand, SINGER. Initially, the production was carried out exclusively in Radom, but soon became expanded with new models being produced in the Far East on behalf of the Radom division.


In 1999, as a result of restructuring of the parent company, a new division sewing machines LUCZNIK Sp ZOO emerged.


In 2004, the long time supplier of motors for Lucznik, ASPA capital group, was granted the license for using the Lucznik trademark, and 2 years later bought out the rights to the trademark.


Today, ASPA capital group continues the long time tradition of producing excellent Polish Lucznik sewing machines, aided by continuing to employ those that have been with Lucznik since its beginnings.Today you can find Lucznik products in some of the largest retailers and supermarkets in Poland and in order to increase the availability of its product, the company is expanding into internet and direct sales, specialty stores and more large retailers.


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