Juicer AM-1795


  • Slow speed juicer method
    • Slow-speed technology allows fruit to be properly juiced rather than ground up. This allows for maintaining enzyme integrity and allows for natural and more nutrient-filled juices.
  • Muli-tasking capabilities allow for quick food preparation
    • Ability to juice many different ingredients including vegetables, nuts, beans and fruits makes food prep easier than ever, ensuring reduced prep-time.
  • 2-step power-on safety feature
    • Proper assembly of removable parts and and proper sealing of top cover is required for juicer to turn on.
  • Convenient handle
    • Attached handle allows for easier use and carriage.
  • Durable motor prevents overheating
    • Powerful and efficient low-rotation motor allows for easy processing of high fiber density fruits and vegetables without overheating.
  • Silent operation
    • Motor works quietly and efficiently allowing for higher juice yield.
  • Easy cleaning
    • During long preparations of various ingredients, simply pour in water to rinse out juicer without the need for disassembling. 
  • Stainless steel filter
  • INOX stainless steel casing
  • Silicon parts
  • Reverse function
Standard equipment
  • 1L capacity pulp collector
  • 1L capacity juice collector
  • Cleaning brush included
Technical data
  • 80 rotations a minute
  • 150 Watt motor