Advanced Machines

Is an Advanced Machine the right choice for me?

If you’ve already dipped your toes into the world of sewing, and your designs are becoming more complex and intricate than it might be time to upgrade to an Advanced Machine. These models will provide you with the capability of sewing with a twin needle, as well as sewing on appliqués, allowing you to make your designs more personalized and unique.

Thanks to included decorative stitches, you can embroider anything from leaf stems to crescents bringing your new designs to life. Finishing you designs off like a professional is now possible with included overlock stitches, ensuring your hems are neat and tidy thanks to adjustable presser foot pressure that let’s you get those stitches right along the edge.

These Advanced Machines will run you from 400- 800 zl, but their features and accessories will allow you to continue your journey in the world of sewing.