Professional Machines

Are you ready for a Professional Series machine?

If you find yourself sewing on a regular basis, and are constantly searching for more elaborate designs, than a Professional Series machine should be your next partner. These machines will give you the ability to sew anything from lace to outerwear leaving you with endless possibilities. 

These machines will provide you with top of the line technology as well as the largest range of built in stitches allowing your imagination to run wild. You’ll be able to take a simple dress to a haute couture piece with ability to sew tulle or decorative lace with blind stitches making your work precise and tidy. You can add intricate details with decorative satin stitches turning the blank canvas of fabric into an art piece. 

This series is equipped with a top load bobbin for smoother and more comfortable sewing. It will also provide you with precise control of stitch length and width, sewing speed and stitch memory allowing you to fully customize your next project on a wide variety of fabrics. Thanks to this line, you will achieve a truly professional outcome from the comfort of you own home, with machines starting at 700 zl.